Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleep Early, 8 PM

I usually turn myself to bed around 12-1 AM.
Today I tried something different, I slept at 8 PM. It was actually more of a need rather than a choice. So it was an easy decision to sleep early. I was simply exhausted, from waking up early and not having enough sleep for the last few days.

So what happened after I slept at 8 PM?
Well, I ended up waking up around 12 AM and simply couldn't go back to my sleep. My mind started shooting ideas and I can't make it stop. So I sat in front of my computer and started doing things.
  • I sent my first announcement to my students, through mailing list I created 2 days ago
Here are some ideas I had in mind. Usually once you have an idea, many more ideas will follow.
  • I wanted to have a blog about the teaching process in class (including my own process of learning and teaching)
  • I started thinking of making a facebook group for my students so we can bounce ideas back and forth
  • I wanna scan some business cards (front and back) and post them somewhere in the net so my students can see them as samples for their homework

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